Global Leadership


As a spiritual organism, International Ministers Fellowship needs

minimal organizational structures. However, because of the realities

of civilization, law and order, basic structures are hereby activated for

the purpose of ensuring due order in the fellowship, ensure that purity

of the vision is preserved and to ensure adequate documentation

which will guide national and local chapters in how to set up. The

Fellowship is structured to tap into the widest possible spectrum of

ministers rooted in the Word and pursuing intimacy with the Lord.

Global Board of Trustees

 International Ministers Fellowship has at any given time,  a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 senior ministers who hold the vision in Trust at the Global level to ensure there is no diversion or derailment.

  1. These  act within the ordinary and regulatory meaning of the word ‘Trustee’ and serve as Board of Directors where that is the nomenclature in the national jurisdiction of global registration.
  2. They exercise due diligence to ensure all regulatory requirements concerning the Fellowship are met with regulatory authorities at the National and State levels.
  3. They, on behalf of the Fellowship sign relevant documents at a global level.
  4. Trustees of the Fellowship  take charge of each and every asset ensuring such are accounted for as and when required. Including assets former regional or national officers are required to release upon exit

Global Governing Council

 The Global Governing Council is a policy making organ of the Fellowship. And does among other functions:

  1. Make policies for implementation
  2. Approve the Constitution of the Fellowship
  3. Review the Constitution where need be
  4. Provide oversight of the Fellowship as its functional Elders’ Board
  5. Provide spiritual direction for the Fellowship world-wide
  6. Ensure biblical principles are upheld in matters pertaining to the Fellowship
  7. Approve appointments of International Officers
  8. Take responsibility for biblical conflict resolution in matters concerning International officers
  9. Ensure biblical discipline is applied within the Fellowship
  10. Provide guidelines and approve qualifications for issuance of ministerial credentials to applicants in the network

Global Executive Committee

This is a body of ministers who focus on these issues at the global level:

  1. Working closely with the Global Governing Council to deliver on the vision and mission of the Fellowship
  2. Implement policies approved by the Governing Council
  3. Ensure the provisions of The Constitution are adhered to
  4. Take responsibility for expanding the Fellowship into all nations of the world and supervise their activities
  5. Approve appointment of officers of the various national chapters
  6. Approve appointment of Regional Officers
  7. Resource and provide national chapters with the required direction and support so they can be strong and viable. In this regard engage in fund raising using biblical principles and account for revenue through annual reports and accounts
  8. Implement guidelines approved by Council for issuance of credentials to applicants
  9. Initiate and recommend networking with other networks so the Fellowship will walk in the unity of faith with other networks to generate the required level of synergy
  10. Prepare annual budgets and present for approval of the Council
  11. Undertake ethical fund raising projects to ensure the resources for running the network are available
  12. Ensure that national chapters which need help are supported
  13. Provide letters of recommendation for members of the fellowship travelling outside the National borders
  14. Plan and organize annual Council meetings; Annual General Meetings and other meetings involving different chapters such as Open Gates and Global Apostolic & Prophetic Summit
  15. Execute other policies, resolutions and deliberations of the Governing Council
  16. Recommend to the Governing Council, issues which require attention