National Leadership

National Board of Trustees


  1. International Ministers Fellowship shall have a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 senior ministers who will hold the vision shared by the visionaries in Trust to ensure there is no diversion or derailment. These shall act within the ordinary and regulatory meaning of the word ‘Trustee’ and serve as Board of Directors where that is the nomenclature in the national jurisdiction.
  2. They exercise due diligence to ensure all regulatory requirements concerning the Fellowship are met with regulatory authorities at the National and State levels.
  3. They, on behalf of the Fellowship sign relevant documents.
  4. Trustees of the Fellowship take charge of each and every asset ensuring such are accounted for as and when required.

National Advisory Council


  1. This body of elect ministers have attained seniority by reason of long walk with the Lord and consistency in serving the Lord in His vineyard, braving all manner of odds in the process. The Advisory Council fulfills the following responsibilities:Members make themselves available to bring their individual wisdom and insight to the Executive Council and brethren on any issue of interest.
  2. Members make their corporate wisdom available to the Fellowship on issues of Doctrine and biblical standards so errors are not allowed to creep in.
  3. Members of the Advisory Council offer themselves as instruments of mentoring younger ministers who desire same.
  4. Members of the Advisory Council are available to teach, exhort and minister to brethren at major conferences and meetings.
  5. The Council arbitrates on issues or brethren at dispute within the Fellowship.
  6. The Advisory Council functions as the National Ordination Board of the Fellowship to ensure the members who desire to be ordained and licensed in ministry are properly processed and supported to attain same.
  7. The President, Deputy President and Secretary General shall be co-opted members.

National Executive Committee

  This is a body of ministers elected by Holy Spirit through the visionary and trustees to direct affairs of the Fellowship to ensure attainment of its purposes. 

  1. Though assigned specific portfolios, the Executive shall operate as a core group and act in unity according to 1 Corinthians 1:10. 
  2. Those to be installed into office will be first tested during a one year probationary period. 
  3. Those who meet standards of excellence prescribed by the Trustees will be formally installed into office to serve out the remaining two years that makes a full term.
  4. In cases of excellent service, an officer may be given opportunity to serve another term of office.