We Care International in the nation concentrates on sectors of the populace who are the most affected by social and economic imbalance and effects of natural disasters. These include but not limited to generating kingdom responses to these issues:

  1.  Poverty: Study of the root causes; proposing short, medium and long term solutions for alleviation and eradication amongst the general populace and in the Body of Christ
  2. Prostitution and Sex Trafficking: Study of the root cause and proposing short, medium and long term remedies to change the lives of practitioners and root such out in targeted communities. 
  3. Social abuses against women especially rape in times of Peace and War: Proposing ways to sensitize society on these evils. 
  4. Child Trafficking: Weigh in with the process of stamping out this great evil.
  5. Homelessness: Short, medium and long term remedies
  6. Widowhood: Proposing and activation of short, medium and long term strategies
  7. Natural Disasters: We will coordinate responses of the Kingdom Church to provide immediate, mid and long term assistance to victims of Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Flood, Adverse weather and the like.
  8. Undertake Kingdom responses to other social issues which are prevalent in society of the national jurisdiction of International Ministers Fellowship. 


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