state/city chapters

For logistic purposes brethren living within geographic locations shall be encouraged to constitute Area Chapters



Area Chapters will act on behalf of the Executive Committee to:

  1. Ensure warmer inter-personal loving relationships amongst members of the Fellowship so the world is made to see the power of unity.
  2. Provide a platform for joint action to tackle existing spiritual, social and economic challenges prevalent in the area.
  3. Promote deeper understanding of the gifts and callings of each other so brethren can utilize same in pulpit exchanges to ensure the flock of Jesus Christ is well nourished. 
  4. Act as instruments for affirming information required for purposes of issuing references and or recommendation letters. 


Brethren located within such environments shall support and strengthen each other so together they all can be fulfilled and suceed.

Area chapters shall be vital instruments of promoting the work of the Fellowship and inducting prospective members.

In all things, State/City shall focus strongly on catalyzing revival. State/City chapters shall have officers and offices modeled after the national chapter making allowance for local peculiarities. 

Effective Membership


For effective participation, members of the Fellowship are expected to:

  1. Attend the Annual Congress, special and ordinary meetings 
  2. Participate effectively in the monthly School of Ministry Project designed to ensure continuous ministerial education and training which enables them to be personally ministered to, revived and thus instruments of reviving the flock of Jesus Christ committed to their trust. 
  3. Reach out in love to other members, make friends, relate as ministers, exchange pulpits based on the leading of the Holy Spirit. 
  4. Honour invitations to special programmes of others; contribute to enable others achieve their God given dreams; speak well of others.
  5. Utilize the logistics and facilities of the Fellowship according to need: ordination,  ministerial licence, attestation letters 
  6. Use the network effectively to fulfil their Acts 1:8 mandates in short term missions and church planting projects across the world by sincere and transparent relationship with brethren in territories they are led to.
  7. Support the Fellowship as they are led, promote it and invite friends! 
  8. Live a life that is above reproach, in love, faith, holiness and righteousness.
  9. Serve in any of these functional committees where they have deep spiritual or professional capacity: 

Want to Join Us

 As long as you are in ministry, this is the home where we do not discriminate on the basis of title, calling, gender or age!

  • Whether you are called to frontline ministry as a Fivefold leader...
  • or to the Market Place and Civil Society like Joseph, Daniel and Esther in the Bible
  • or your calling is as a Supportive Minister serving God with your spiritual gifts and callings,

Here is the Fellowship which offers you unbeatable opportunities to be sharpened, edified, ministered to and supported to fulfill the Great Commission from your locality, City, State/Province, Nation to other parts of the world as Acts 1:8 declares. The secret is this: do not come with the attitude of what to 'get' but how you can 'give'. This happens when you are effective in the hands of God to make this vision a living reality in the local chapter.